LED Floodlights
LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights

Buy LED Floodlights with Power Ranging from 10W to 100W for Various Needs

Welcome to the "LED Floodlights" category on our online store Ledvalgustid.ee! Here you will find high-quality LED floodlights from the manufacturer EMOS, which can be used both for home and garden purposes as well as on construction sites. Our products are available in portable and stationary options to meet all your lighting needs.

High Quality and Safety

All LED floodlights in our category ensure high-quality illumination. LED technologies provide bright and uniform light, making them an excellent choice for various tasks and activities during the dark hours. Additionally, they do not generate heat, making them safe for use even near children or materials sensitive to high temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

LED floodlights are an environmentally friendly lighting option compared to incandescent floodlights. They consume less energy, helping to reduce your electricity load and contribute to energy conservation. Thanks to the long lifespan of LEDs, you will also reduce expenses on lamp replacements, making your purchases even more cost-effective in the long run.

Ideal Solution for Various Tasks

Our "LED Floodlights" category offers a variety of power options from 10W to 100W, making our floodlights an ideal solution for various tasks. They can be used to illuminate small areas around your home or garden, as well as to provide bright light on construction sites. You can choose the most suitable power based on your specific needs.

Choose EMOS - a Manufacturer of High-Quality LED Technology

Ledvalgustid.ee collaborates with the trusted manufacturer EMOS to provide you with high-quality products. EMOS is known for its reliability and innovative LED lighting technologies. By purchasing LED floodlights from EMOS with us, you can be confident in their reliability and durability.


Our LED floodlights are an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting sources. They provide bright and uniform light while consuming less energy and having a long lifespan. Their safety features and power options make them ideal for home, garden, and construction site use. Choose high-quality LED floodlights from the manufacturer EMOS at Ledvalgustid.ee and enjoy convenient and energy-saving illumination!

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